Tea & Writing

I taught writing for a long time–but have also banged my head against the wall in frustration as a writer. I still do! I frequently need inspiration and support in my own writing process so I thought I would share some resources with my writing friends. I hope I can help.

Random Writing Quote

Do you need inspiration? Are you stuck or discouraged in your current writing project? If you find yourself staring out the window too long or relying too much on your Magic 8-Ball, then you may need some writing inspiration. Click below for some of my favorite quotes on writing. Who knows? It could save your life (or at least give you a much needed boost)!

Random Writing Quote Finder

Favorite Books on Writing

I love studying the craft of writing, and I’m fascinated by the processes different writers use to produce writing that inspires me. Click below to see some of my favorite books on writing.

Writing Group Advice

I benefited from a close-knit writing group while writing The Audacity of Sara Grayson. These tips are based on my own experience as a writing group member and from my years of teaching writing.

Writing Group 101 includes my basic advice on how to launch, reboot or join a writing group.  A critique group can help writers propel a project forward and receive critical support to go the distance, yet it is a challenge to find a group that is the right fit.

My advice on How to Give Feedback gives some basic tips to help writing group members give effective feedback. 

Writing Group Tools

I share free online tools to help writing groups find success. Your writing group is free to use any of these tools as often as you like or you may refer to them as you develop a structure for your own group. Tools include:

Determine if the writing group is the right fit.

Set clear expectations for group members.

Share writing with your critique group.

Submit feedback on writing pieces.

Evaluate your group’s effectiveness. 

Writing Workshop Resource Guides

This is where you can find the resource guides for my writing workshops. 

From “The Audacity to Write a Great Story” Writing Workshop.