Ground Rules Tool

Ground Rules Tool

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The Ground Rules Tool can provide clarity in the expectations of group members. The tool walks you through a series of questions that you answer to create a clear set of guidelines for the group to ensure everyone is on the same page in the future. Once you’ve answered all of the questions, this will create a formatted PDF that you can then share with your writing group.


Download a PDF
This form will automatically create a Ground Rules PDF that you can download. You can then share the PDF however you want. 

Email Option
This form will automatically send your PDF as an attachment to your email and one other person’s email if you include those emails in the form. This can be a good way to automatically submit to someone in your Writing Group. You also can send yourself an email with the attachment to forward to the whole group. (Check the spam folder if you don’t see the email come through). 

Data In This Form
Personal data, including emails, will not be used for any other purpose or shared with any third party. Don’t worry I got your back. 

Ground Rules Tool - PDF Creator