Writing Group Assessment

Writing Group Assessment

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Critique Your Critique Group. Take the Critique Group Quiz below to assess your writing group’s effectiveness. The eight-question quiz will give you a ‘Worth Your Time Score” to help you know whether the group is worth the investment of time or whether it needs a reboot. This can be a great way for current writing group members to do a “health check” of their group and share their scores with each other. 


Rate your writing group by taking the eight-question quiz below. You’ll get your results after you click submit. 

Critique Group Quiz

Similar Experience: Writers have comparable experience, background or ability in writing.

Compatible Genres: Writers enjoy reading and feel capable reviewing each other’s genre.

Honest Feedback: People give truthful, direct feedback and are open to hearing truthful, direct feedback.

Constructive Feedback: People give feedback that is actually helpful for writers and that is communicated with kindness.

Effective Organization: A strong, consistent process is in place for scheduling, group facilitation, sharing writing and giving feedback.

Strong Membership: The group maintains an appropriate size and consistent participation, and there is a clear process for adding new members.

Writing Productivity: Group maintains a workable, productive pace that may challenge, but not overwhelm group members.

Writing Quality: Feedback and writing group participation increase the quality of writing projects.